Freedom Follower Turnkey Magazine


These FREEDOM FOLLOWER equipped turnkey magazines have been pre-assembled by us in Magpul Gen 2 30 round bodies.  Because we are currently in California we can only sell them as 10/30 restricted capacity magazines.

How the system works.

We have designed a proprietary follower called the Freedom Follower with a spring loaded button that actuates when the follower tops out in an empty magazine.  When the magazine is empty this button pushes our custom spec Ambi Magazine Catch that must be installed in the rifles you wish to have this feature.  It will not work with a standard mag release or any other magazine catch.  The Magpul magazine must have the mag catch window cut out of it in order for the button to be exposed.  In states that have capacity restrictions we have already done this for you and will sell the magazine blocked to 10 rounds to satisfy state restrictions.

The hurdles.

Designing this system has taken almost 3 years of concept, R&D and extensive testing to function.  It is a very precise science that we wanted for the general public.  We also know that a lot of you like to customize your rifles and mix and match components.

This systems is all based on timing.  If you tune your rifle via a gas block, piston, lightweight BCG or buffer and buffer spring weight that will affect the timing.  In most cases the magazine will release but also because the bolt catch needs to engage the BCG for bolt hold back this needs to occur prior to the magazine releasing itself. This is where timing is important.  We cannot guarantee function in 100% of rifles but we have designed a few adjustments into Freedom Follower to aid with functionality.  Please refer to our troubleshoot section for these adjustments.


We’ve created a video explains everything about the Freedom Follower, which can be found at the link below, but will briefly state here the requirements to make the system work.

  1. The Freedom Follower Ambidextrous Magazine Catch – Custom Spec’d is required for the Freedom Follower system to operate. If you have an ambi-bolt catch already installed, chances are that it will not release the magazine.
  1. A modified bolt catch is also required to ensure bolt hold-back on release. We offer these modified bolt catches (Freedom Follower Modified Bolt Catch) but if you have a grinder or Dremel with cutoff wheel you can modify these yourselves.  Please remember that bolt catches are case hardened and will take time to modify if you don’t have the proper tools. ATG will not be liable in any way for your bolt catch if you modify it. We suggest buying on of ours.

Please bear with us on this launch.  Freedom Follower is a product we have worked on very hard, and delayed launch multiple times because we want everything to be perfect.  While the website is ready it is far from perfect so if there is anything you don’t understand please contact us through We will be more than happy to work you through issues or Q&A.

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