LRAD (Last Round Auto Drop)


Adaptive Tactical Gear has become the premier Auto Magazine Release product developer for the AR-15 platform.  We started off with our Freedom Follower product line that uses a proprietary system to release your magazine upon firing your last round assuring bolt hold back all while maintaining  the normal functions of your firearm.  This system uses your 30 rd Magpul magazines to achieve this function.

We would now like to introduce you to the new LRAD.

This device is a patented bolt-on addition to your milspec AR-15 platformed rifle.  It again is a proprietary system using our modified bolt catch and ambi magazine release.  The system also includes our newly designed mag release button that greatly increases ease of installation of our system.

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How the system works
Auto releasing systems are all about timing. Upon last round a magazines function is to lock the bolt back alerting the user that the weapon has run dry. This was a challenge with our Freedom Follower as the moment the weapon runs dry the magazine was designed to be on the way out of the firearm. The timing comes into play in that the Freedom Follower must FIRST lock the bolt back before exiting the weapon. The LRAD solves this issue by depending on the bolt catch to do its job first by locking the bolt back and then releasing the magazine. A tab on our modified bolt catch hovers over the proprietary ambi magazine release so that when the bolt catch actuates to lock the bolt back it depresses the ambi mag release dropping the magazine. There is an added benefit to this system in that if you don’t want the magazine to release on last round simply move the paddle on our bolt catch and it turns the system off entirely. Again this system was designed to integrate with your AR-15 platformed rifle with no modification to the firearm itself.

Installing the system
The system replaces your existing bolt catch and magazine release and button. Thats it. No Drilling, shaving or sanding your firearm. Your rifle is now equipped with the LRAD

The Challenges
Timing is still a factor in this system. We have tested it on multiple rifles and it functions best on standard milspec rifles. Piston Gas systems, tuned buffers, adjustable gas blocks, enhanced BCG’s and other modifications tend to slow or speed the cycling of the weapon which will affect the function of the LRAD. Ammo and load data on reloads will also affect function. Please keep in mind that all of the above modifications can be tuned to speed up the cycle which the LRAD loves but EVERY rifle is different so in theory tuning the rifle may help enhance your LRAD experience.

The Why
An empty magazine is a bad magazine. There is no reason for it to be in a firearm. This ensures that its out of the gun as fast as possible. Many are taught that you never dispose of valuable items in a firefight. This is true for the battle field but for most civilians training on a range, shooting a competition, or just general recreation shooting the LRAD is an excellent device to save time. In a competition where seconds count the LRAD can be the difference between winning and losing.


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